Rachel (ex_lovedisc) wrote in vaginapagina,

Long heavy period concerns

Alright, guys. I've been bleeding since two Friday's ago at 2 a.m. Tomorrow it'll be 13 days. And I'm growing not only tired of it, but kind of worried.

I went to the doctor, last week on Thursday, got a pelvic exam. My gyn said nothing was visibly wrong, so I should double up on birth control until Monday to see if we could stop it. Because I was bleeding like the niagra falls. Literally... just... SO MUCH. So heavy. And usually my period is short, so heavy doesn't seem as bad. But when it's this long? Ugh. It's awful. So I did that. It seemed to slow it down, but not stop completely. Yesterday, it seemed like it was almost completely over. This morning, the flood gates opened up again. But this time it's not just one color of blood. The whole time I was bleeding UNTIL the past two days, it was bright red. Then it became kinda brown, like it gets when my period ends.

But today... it's bright red AND dark brown? So I'm concerned. I'm worried if I'm even bleeding just menstrual blood at all? I don't know. I don't want to go to urgent care because I am terrified of hospitals and needles and IV's and everything but I can't get into see my doctor until next week, and they're the only office in my small ass town that takes my insurance. Also, I think I'm becoming anemic. Regular iron anemic, but also folic acid anemic because of a medication I'm on. SO I don't know. :( Help. :(
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