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So about in the end of febuary i had my annual paps, it had been about two years, but as i'm 27, and in a long term relationship, it was routine. I came back with an abnormal result, and positive for high risk hpv, so they scheduled a colposcopy, which was done this last friday. i won't get the results for another two weeks but i thought i'd get some feed back here in the mean time. So tried to tell the doctor who has been very nice how worried I was about all of it during the preliminary appointment where its all explained, mainly because A) i've been in a long term relationship for the last five years. which means obviously, that i've had hpv for the last five years at least and it has not cleared in the 1-2 year window that they like. and B) i'm conscious of a change in the surface of my cervix, which could indicate a CIN, or could be nothing. so i had my medical records sent over from my last paps to see if maybe they dropped the ball on my last appointment two years ago. and have been telling myself everything is going to be just fine and everything no matter what the result is very treatable. During the colpo, which was short, the doctor did not find anything overtly abnormal, nothing turned white. however it needs to be stated that my cervical os and the outer surface of my cervix that she was was attempting to biopsy was apparently in her words 'rolled in on itself' and my cervical canal 'completely closed'. she had to perform the biospy blind, and pushed the instrument through my closed cervical canal until it 'popped' out the otherside into my uterus. and then she exclaimed 'oh my god she didn't even bleed' which i take to mean that my cervical canal is so tightly closed that the blood remained in my uterus, based on the pressure i felt later and the next day. this is actually a problem i have during my periods, and its as awful as it sounds.

the doctor and the nurse both questioned me about whether or not i have had prior procedures, and if i've had an abortion that i'm not telling them about, both of which i have not. i asked the doctor whether or not it was normal how closed my cervix is, and she blamed it on me not being on birth control, and that it is more common in menopausal women, and in those who have scarring from procedures such as an abortion.

so i went home and looked it up online, and other than those two reasons, cervical cancer is the only other cause of cervical stenosis, that i could find as a reason for my non existent os.

trying to stay calm over here, i know its very treatable, and still, very unlikely, but yeah. i'm dealing. I just want to know if anyone else has had a similar experience, or has any other knowledge about cervical stenosis, other than its a fanastic cause of infertility, which is just great since i've been using zero birth control for the last five years cause hey maybe i'd like babies.
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