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SAAM Blog Carnival Reminder & Extension

This is just a heads up that I've not received many submissions, even from folks who've previously commented their participation, for the blog carnival for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Since the deadline was technically a couple of hours ago, I'm wondering if that means people need a little more time.

Because of this, one extension, three clarifications, and two requests:

Extension: If you can get post links to me by Thursday, April 19, I can compile the whole set of links by Friday, April 20.

  1. Topics are not directly limited to talking about sexual assault. They extend to include ways to start talking about healthy sexuality and healthy sexual communication as well.

  2. While survivors as authors and survivor stories are always welcome, one does not have to be a personal survivor of sexual assault in order to contribute.

  3. If you'd prefer not to publish your entry on your LJ or blog, you can email vpteam@vaginapagina.com to have one of the maintainers post anonymously on your behalf. Or you may email me at anytimeyoga@gmail.com (my blog email), and I will post your entry with whatever name/pen name/anonymity you prefer.

Basically, I know that sexuality and sexual assault can be really difficult to write about, both in a "can't wrap my head around what I want to say" way and a "this is really fucking painful to think about way." If there is anything else I can do for people to make it easier to contribute, please don't hesitate to let me know. To that effect, comments here will be screened so that folks may ask in a more private format.

  1. If you're still -- or newly -- interested in participating, please comment here to let me know there's interest.

  2. If the April 19 deadline doesn't work for you, please comment to let me know what date would.

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