Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

A progestin-only pill stronger than Micronor?

Hey, VPers!

I was hoping you could help me figure out if there is a progestin-only birth control PILL stronger than Micronor (AKA Camila) in the U.S. I know there is the shot and the implant and the IUD, but is there an actual progestin-only pill that's stronger? I have endometriosis and am taking BC to help control it as well as the endometriomas (endo cysts).

I know that in Europe, Cerazette is supposed to be stronger and stops 90% of women from ovulating, while Micronor only stops around 50% of women from ovulating, but I don't thikn they offer that in the U.S. for some odd reason. :-\

Micronor has not stopped me from ovulating, which is annoying, especially when it seems to do the opposite and speed up my ovulation and I ovulate quicker than I did when not on any type of BC. I don't want combined BC and that's just my preference, so please don't ask me why or tell me to take combined BC. I mean, if I HAD to do combined and it was my only option, I would, but that is the very last thing I want to do.

Thanks for any help/info you can give! :-)
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