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Hello everyone, I have a question related to orgasms.

Basically, I'm one of those women who's clit is so insanely sensitive that it hurts when people mess with it. Sometimes it doesn't, but more often than not, it just hurts - even when I touch it. The only way I've ever been able to have a clitoral orgasm is by applying pressure with my thighs. It's made me feel self conscious during sex, because a partner has never been able to bring me to a clitoral orgasm.

Added to that, I only tend to have vaginal orgasms during sex - which isn't really a problem - what "is" is that I am a "squirter" and some people tend to have a problem with that(the usual BS about it being piss, etc).

All of this combined makes me feel incredibly self conscious during sex, and makes me apprehensive to do it at all. So for others who have very sensitive clits, what do you do about it? Stimulation around it feels good, and sometimes touching it is okay, but in general, it's better not to mess with it. Have you ever been able to bring yourself to a clitoral orgasm during sex if pressure seems to be the only thing that works? For me, clitoral orgasms are far more intense and pleasurable than vaginal ones, though they both feel great.

Basically, I'd like to eventually have a clitoral orgasm during sex, but none of the women I know have a clit as painfully sensitive as mine, so I have no one in person to talk about it with.

I'm not sure if it matters, but I've had sex with men and women, and neither gender have been able to help me get to that point during sex.

And slightly off topic but, what is the difference between a "squirting" and female ejaculate?
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