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another update to "difficulty with urination"

I posted before about having difficulty urinating/emptying my bladder. this has been going on for about a month now. urgent care found blood in my urine but no infection. my PCP subsequently ordered a renal ultrasound, which showed no stones or obvious obstructions. however, the pre- and post-void bladder looked almost identical because I couldn't void at all that day, and I ended up going to ER to be cathed. no blood that time, but over 500 ml of liquid (uncomfortable!).

I was then referred to a urologist, but on the day when I saw him, I'd had almost nothing to drink and did manage to mostly empty my bladder, so I don't think he completely understood the extent of the problem. he put me on Rapaflo, a medication normally prescribed for older men with prostate issues. it has helped enough that I can usually void somewhat, and I've avoided any other hospital visits. he ordered urodynamics, but the earliest available date was May 2nd...

and while I wait, I'm still having a difficult time. it's hard to sleep because sometimes it still takes me three hours to empty enough to feel comfortable. also, sometimes when I can't go, I find that I occasionally leak during classes or other activities. (it's not urge incontinence - I don't have particularly strong or inexplicable urges, I think. just the overflow you'd expect?)

also, my body's been doing other weird stuff in the interim. it's been a fun week. :P likely pinched nerve while sleeping resulted in arm numbness/tingling for a couple of days; I dislocated my kneecap twice (just standing, not doing anything strenuous), and on Tuesday, I had a strange but intense episode of chest/back pain, nausea, etc. I really should've called 911 for that one, but didn't because I'm always convinced that I might be overreacting. I was driving to see my psychiatrist, who took my BP a half hour later, when I was feeling better. it was 168 over 118. my normal (which was seen just three days later, at my PCP) is 110 over 70.

I'm now on Rapaflo, Gabapentin, and Zoloft, but started all of them after the issues started. I also take Acyclovir for ocular HSV and many supplements. my PCP wanted to do a CT but is now deferring to the urologist for tests, although she did order an echo to make sure my heart is fine. that's scheduled for tomorrow. to recap, I'm 23, non-smoker, married, lightly sexually active, and just got my period.

so, two things: the only test so far has been the renal ultrasound, but I'm already getting concerned that they have no other ideas about what might be causing this - and therefore, that it won't/can't be fixed. I always get concerned about psychosomatic illnesses, especially since I have C-PTSD and was often told as a child that I was "making up" or exaggerating physical problems. at this point, I would feel comforted to hear ANY possible causes for these issues (difficulty beginning urination, difficulty voiding, intermittent blood and some very mild pain with urination) that wouldn't show up on renal ultrasound.

my doctors won't tell me what they're thinking; I have asked, which again makes me feel like my situation is just not making sense to them. the urologist did mention possible early MS and referring me to a neurologist if things don't improve in 2 weeks, but I am skeptical - I don't think I've had other neurological symptoms, and my BM's are normal (controlled by the same nerves, I believe?).

and secondly: I also have a bad head cold now, so I haven't slept well in two days, and I just started my period, and I still can't pee very well. basically I am a bit miserable and would love any and all ideas for how to feel better, no matter how silly they might be. food/recipe ideas are particularly encouraged.

thank you <3
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