Katrina (sweetest_sin_78) wrote in vaginapagina,

tightened vagina walls?

I was recently at the gyno because I was having extreme pain during sex. The act of getting "wet" feels like there are shards of glass inside me, and then sex itself was tight and painful. She told me that the muscles inside my vagina are tight (like a pulled muscle) and so the repeated rubbing on it is what was causing the pain.

She wanted me to see a physical therapist, but shortly after our meeting I lost my insurance. I've now noticed that the pain is more constant, and it's more painful. Instead of just being during sex, it's now while I'm just sitting here. I feel like I'm constantly contracting my vagina muscles, but when I think about it and "release" them it hurts SO much more (like it makes me nauseated). 

Has this ever happened to anyone else? She said it could be vaginismus.

Also, I have very painful periods and she said that might be part of the reason, also.

Right now I'm just in pain and miserable and want it to stop. 

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