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ok. so i'm roughly 4 days late on my period.
i've had a pretty regular period (1x i did miss it for 9mons, but BC fixed that problem)
i'm not currently on BC bc me & my husband are tryin to concieve..and we've been having sex some-what frequently.
i did have a small irritation a few weeks ago (itching, burning, uncomfortable feeling(s), etc) down there in my girly bits, but i got myself sum over the counter creme and it seemed to clear the problem up rather quickly..and i'm no stranger to irritation down there bc my mom said when i was a baby/toddler, i had irritation problems (and obv they've followed me into my adult yrs)
the date i had my period pegged to start was the's almost the 15th..
i'm planning to do a pregnancy test 2moro..
if it's positive, yay! :)
if it's negative, i'll go c my gyno..le sigh..
i've had like a small tint of red in my pads, but nothing that even resembles regular period blood flow..i've kept wearing my pads bc i figured one day it'd start lol. and now, after 2 days of the light red tint in my pads, nothing! since like yesterday, my pads have been clean (except maybe a lil discharge, not reddish or anything, just normal -- well, normal for me lol--)
so i guess wat i'm askin is this: could i be pregnant? or could this just be from my irritation? maybe a delay in period, eventho i'm used to irritation and i'm pretty regular when it comes to periods..?
or could i be experiencing a phantom pregnancy? a girl my husband works with said that i could be psyching myself out so much from hoping for a baby each month that my body thinx i'm pregnant now 0_o but i've not been thinkin a lot about gettin pregnant lately, tbh.
any advice or thoughts are welcome & much appreciated~
thnx! :)
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