Wild Child (anodracs) wrote in vaginapagina,
Wild Child

Been bleeding for over two weeks-what should I do?

Hey all, I have a situation.
I've been having a fairly heavy period that started on April 2nd and hasn't let up since. I'm 29, and haven't had PIV sex in the past few months, so no worries about miscarriage. About a year and a half ago I went to the local ER after experiencing very heavy bleeding and was treated as though I wasn't worth the doctors' time. I have no regular gyn, but it was suggested that I take the pill to regulate my cycle, but hormonal birth control makes me crazy, so I'd rather not use that option.
Anyway, my current period has lasted two weeks and has shown no signs of stopping. I'm not feeling too awful, maybe a little tired, but I'm getting frusterated, and I feel like I'm wasting a fortune on sanitary supplies. Has anybody here been in a similar situation? I'm sort of at a loss about what to do.
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