Vee (breadsandwiches) wrote in vaginapagina,

nicked outer labia while trimming. ow :(

I got tired of having hair (mental sanity thing, not dictated by society/boyfriend/whatever) so I decided it was time for a trim. I was fed up and not as careful as I usually am, and also I was getting excited watching the hair fall into the toilet bowl, and I cut myself with the tiny scissors. AHHHHHHHHH. It bled quite a bit at the time but I dabbed it with terlet paper and then pressed a warm wet rag on the area. It is no longer bleeding.

I looked at the wound and it was quite small, like maybe 2-3mm round. Is there anything further I should do to disinfect the area or is the usual daily in-shower cleaning fine? Should I be using rubbing alcohol/surgical spirit to disinfect (I am not sure whether it would be a safe product to use "down-there")? :(

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