dill grey (lastmockingbird) wrote in vaginapagina,
dill grey

Transrectal Ultrasound?

Hi! I've posted yesterday about being suspected of PCOS (hello fellow PCOS-diagnosed superstars!).

I also mentioned that the doctor is requesting that i under transrectal ultrasound to properly see my ovaries. Now others are surprised why a transrectal instead of transvaginal. well, my doctor said for one, I am a virgin with no experience of any kind of "penetration" whatsoever and two, transrectal would just be on the spot of the location of the ovaries.

So there.

However, I am still wondering if I should undergo the procedure. I know I might be making a big issue out of this when it is not even a major/minor operation at that and that a lot of people would probably brave their way out of other more "challenging" medications/procedures but I want to know how "painful"/"discomforting" it is and how long would the procedure be?

My Ob said the feeling is really more of "discomfort" rather than "pain" but still...I want to hear from other people's experiences.

Thank you!
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