Gang of Centaurs (rockstarbob) wrote in vaginapagina,
Gang of Centaurs

Come join us on Facebook!

Hi Superstars,

After the poll yesterday, we noticed a few people trying to join the deactivated FB group. Here's the real VP on FB page.

Come join us! Some recent conversations there include: Queer as Folk and bisexuality; how the inside of the vagina is not dissimilar to, say, the Blue Ridge Mountains; "gender-neutral" toy catalogs; and the link between Depo and cancer.

We typically post tidbits or links to articles for discussion that wouldn't quite be a good fit for VP on LJ but are still VPish in nature. It would be fun to pump up the volume over there, so to speak. :)

Hope to see you on FB!

For the VP Team
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