dill grey (lastmockingbird) wrote in vaginapagina,
dill grey

Most-likely PCOS

Hi there! To count, I have posted two posts in vaginapagina sharing my condition on a sudden change in my menstruation wherein I am already bleeding for 13 days to count.

Today, after my friend's advice and advices here in vaginapagina, I finally went to an OB-Gyne. Given my history of acne (which I had since elementary), quick and excessive growth of hair, and of course the prolonged menstruation, the doctor immediately assessed that I "most-likely" have PCOS.

I say "most-likely" because I am yet to undergo transrectal ultrasound to confirm (though I pray it is really just PCOS and not something worse). And I am also to have blood test for CBC count and insulin resistance.

My question is, has anyone experienced undergoing transrectal ultrasound? Can you please tell me how painful it is?

Also, I am really worried about the possible effects of having PCOS. I don't want to gain weight and be infertile.

Please advice me.

Thank you all!
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