madamoisellesss (madamoisellesss) wrote in vaginapagina,

Late withdrawl bleed on Nuvaring

I posted here a little while ago about Nuvarings, and validity of protection in four week and five week cycles, with the motivation of using the Nuvaring as my main method of contraception without the added use of condoms.

So last month I had my ring in for four weeks, but during my third week started bleeding. I left my ring in until I had had it in for four weeks, then removed it, and left it out for the week before reinserting it. My period/withdrawl lasted 12 days (uuugh), then I decided because of the early bleed and the extended length of my periods since being on the four week in, one week out cycle, that I would go back to the three week in, one week out cycle.

This month, I left my ring in for 21 days, so three weeks. I removed it that day, and now two and a half days later I'm not experiencing any spotting. Zip.

Factors: I am in exams right now, and have been studying like crazy for three exams over the span of 24 hours (It's basically a college student's hell) so I wondered if stress from that and the combination of changing my cycle could lead to a late withdrawal bleed.

The other thing is that four days before I was due to remove my Nuvaring at the 3 week mark, I had sex with just my Nuvaring, no condom. This is the first time I've done this, and while I considered combining the withdrawal method, my significant other was a little overwhelmed, shall we say, so he wasn't able to predict ejaculation at all (trust me, we had joking bets as to how long he would last, and he didn't make it to either of them :P This is his very first sexual relationship, however, so I was hardly disappointed)

I think the chances of pregnancy are minimal, but it's always a possibility (one that I'm pretty anxious about, I have an overactive imagination so everything seems like a pregnancy symptom).

Any thoughts, VPers?
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