naked_beauty_21 (naked_beauty_21) wrote in vaginapagina,

A couple birth-control-related questions!

Hello lovelies!

My first question is, how do you decide a time to take your birth control for those of you on a birth control pill? I wake up and go to bed at different times everyday, and as a busy college student I eat my meals at different times every day. I'm not relying on it for keeping me from getting pregnant yet, because my fiance and I are waiting until we get married to have sex, but I want to get in the habit of taking it every day at the same time. Also, if I decide on a time for now but want to switch to a different time later, do I wait to start a new time after when I start a new pill pack?

Second, because I'm afraid of forgetting to take pills once it *really* matters (definitely don't want to get preggers right off the bat), I'm interested in the Nuvaring. I was interested in the patch but the clinic I got my pills from doesn't supply them, but they do supply the nuvaring. My cervix is really really low, though, so I'm afraid my fiance would be able to feel the nuva ring during sexytimes and I think we'd both prefer he didn't. (I know you can take it out for sexy times but one, I'd forget to put it back in, and two, I'd be afraid my protection was compromised.) Does anyone else with a lower cervix have any experience with the nuvaring and sexytimes? My cervix is still preeetty low even when I'm really aroused.

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