ghostyacct (ghostyacct) wrote in vaginapagina,

Super Light Period?

Hi vaginapagina,

After catching up on entries from the past week or so, it seems like a lot of our cycles are in synch.

Anyway, today I was exhibiting all of the classic period symptoms: cramps, feeling pissed off at everyone and everything, being really tired, craving chocolate, back pain, blah blah blah. However, it's 9 days before my period is supposed to hit according to my iPeriod app. Granted, my period has never been perfectly regular (and I've skipped months before), but if anything, I'm usually late.

Basically, I'm not sure if what I got today was a super light period (à la obsolescencex2's period in this post), or something more nefarious. It seems more like some blood mixed with discharge than a period. Normally on day 1, I have a pretty solid flow, and I wear a super tampon. Today, I have used 2 panty liners, and nothing was coming down my legs like usual in the shower. Also, while my other PMS symptoms were there, my cramps often (but not always) are awful - like confining me to bed awful, and this time they were comparatively mild. I only needed 1 Aleve!

Underlying all of this are my constant anxieties that I'm pregnant or that I have some awful vagina issue or that I have an STI. I have had sex since my last period, using the withdrawal method, and even though my partner has been pretty good at it, I know that it has its failure rate. Also, I had sex with another partner I did not know as well a while back, and I'm paranoid that he gave me an STI or something. I haven't gotten my butt to the clinic to get tested, though, for other reasons that I posted about a while back.

What do you think, vaginapagina? What's going on?

I'm hoping I'll wake up tomorrow with a full-on heavy period and all of my fears will go away.

PS: every time I post here I just want to gush and say how much I love that this community exists. I appreciate you all!
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