Darshana (darshanabear) wrote in vaginapagina,

yeast infection, help!

I know there are millions of posts about yeast infections on here, but I feel like I've tried everything and I'm just frustrated and don't know what to do anymore.

I've never had a yeast infection before, my yeast infection started about 2 months ago with me just feeling wet down there all the time, and REALLY itchy, it was the worst. and then I began noticing some chunky discharge. I started doing some home remedies, I was sticking plain yogurt up there, trying the whole garlic thing, it was terrible and uncomfortable and didn't really help at all. I went to my physician (I don't have a gyno yet), and we did a swab test and it confirmed it was definitely yeast. She told me to try Monistat, the 3 day one, and if that didn't work she would prescribe me Diflucan.

So I tried Monistat and it was super easy and I wasn't itching and it went away! I was discharge free and itching free for about 2 weeks, and then I got my period, and when my period ended my vagina was burning one morning and itching and the infection came back (or maybe it never really went away). I wasn't able to get to my dr. for a while, so then I did the 7 day monistat! and that didn't do anything. My dr. prescribed me a 1 dose Fluconazole, and I took that 4 days ago. I felt relief like the day after, but then stupidly I had sex (with a condom) and then yesterday I saw a tiny bit of dried discharge in my undies that was similar to the yeasty discharge, and today my vagina isn't burning or itching, but it feels very sensitive and a little warm and there is a little bit of a yeasty discharge (but not a lot).

There's a problem with my insurance at the moment so it might be a little while until I get to go to a gynecologist. but what should I do? I was reading that with Fluconazole you might see discharge because that's your body getting rid of an infection, and clearing it up usually takes like 3-5 days, it technically hasn't been 5 days but I'm worried. should I use some of my leftover monistat external itching cream?

what should I do?
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