sparkleseahorse (sparkleseahorse) wrote in vaginapagina,

poking sensation?

for 2-3 years now I intermittently get a "poking" sensation on 1 side of my lower pelvis. I want to think it's where my ovary is, but it's probably not. it's right above the pubic line. it bothers me if I'm exercising or if I'm sitting for a long time. sometimes it's kind of a dull ache/burning sensation.

I noticed it a lot a couple of years ago when I had a bladder/kidney infection. could it be bladder-related? it feels as if something small is poking me (not exactly like my whole bladder was affected). when I had the infection, I felt this same poking+ I could feel my kidneys too because everything was swollen. after that, I had an ultrasound to rule out anything else causing the poking, and there was nothing. I thought it might have been a cyst or something.

so, I tend to think that if I get an ultrasound again, nothing would show up because I've already looked into this. also, I had a pelvic exam just last week! is it possible that the dr moved my uterus a little bit when she did the exam? if so, will it go back (am I nuts)?

could it be that I intermittently get a tiny bit of a bladder infection that causes some swelling?

edit: I may be ovulating right now. should it make you feel sore and pokey? that might be an explanation since I only notice this now and again.
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