dill grey (lastmockingbird) wrote in vaginapagina,
dill grey

Period that exceeds 7 days help!!!!

Hi, it's me again. Please i need ideas and your advices.

So last month, i had a very light period. By this I mean, for the whole 7 days, it could have needed just one sanitary napkin. It was that light. And that was unusual since I usually have regular moderate menstruation that lasts for 7 days with moderate bleeding.

My next period after that came about a week earlier. And the first four days was like the previous month since it was very light as well. then come the fifth day, the bleeding got stronger. It was not the heavy type that I need heavy duty pad every 3 hours but a regular one would suffice and the bleeding was moderate. Come the seventh day, the bleeding was still there.

Now I am on the 8th day and the bleeding continues.

I find it very COINCIDENTAL that upon taking your advices/ideas, I though the sudden light menstruation was stress related so I began practicing playing the piano to relieve my stress and that's when the "normal" bleeding happened.

The first bleeding was (sorry for the details) dark red blood as if they are "old" blood. 2 days after that came the normal/usual red blood.

But now I am worried that it has exceeded the seven days (well, if you count the first four days which were technically, 10 drops of blood with brown discharges).

Thank you so much as always!
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