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pubic hair

Hey all! New member here with a vagy-pubic hair grooming question.

I prefer to trim my hair to keep it short, and then I usually shave the sides (like where the pubic area goes "to" my thighs), and I also shave around my outer labia (including in-between my outer labia and inner labia). I tend to have a surprising amount of hair (or maybe not….but I am bisexual, so I've seen other vaginas…but I guess I don't know for sure if that was just how they chose to groom or if it was how their hair naturally grows) for what most people usually guess. Including hair growing on the inside of my outer labia. And all of it gets pretty long.

For me, I don't care for it because it feels messy to me during my period (I don't like to use my cup at the beginning and end when it's a lighter flow). Also I don't like catching it with TP and pulling when I wipe (haha, I'm an open person ;). Finally, however a partner chooses to groom is their business, but I know when I'm performing oral sex, I *prefer* (not insist, of course) for it to be shorter and such, so I try to provide the same.

So anyways. Over the last 3 years or so I've started to get a huge problem with ingrown hairs that turn into boils. Not on the labia itself, than goodness but in the "crease", upper inner thighs, and on the actual pubic area. Painful, painful boils. I scrub with a loofah, and use exfoliating body wash on the outer areas (where I tend to get the boils), as I've read that can help decrease ingrown hairs.

A few years ago I actually had one when I went in for my GYN appt and it was so bad that the midwife I saw actually prescribed a course of oral doxy.

But anyways, does anyone have any experience with this? The past few months I've been noticing that I *think* it may get worse around my period, which I presume is due to hormone fluctuations, but I'm not sure. But I do get ingrown hairs which quickly progress to boils every time I shave (so I've decreased to maybe 2-3 times a month).

Any suggestions or tips?

I've read that waxing leaves someone with less of a chance of ingrown hairs than shaving generally does as well as it often grows back more fine, the more you wax, but oh WOW I just got comfortable with having my eyebrows waxed……the thought of having my insanely more sensitive "lady bits" having wax on them, and hair being yanked out…..SCARY! ;) Any tips on waxing? (maybe people will say to have it done, but for some reason that makes me feel insanely shy….)
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