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NuvaRing & Concerns

Okay here's a background
I've used Sprintec in the pass but because I can't ever remember to take it I'm trying out the Nuvaring. I haven't been on any B/C for about 2-3 months.
I had/have this unknown vaginal infection before I started Nuvaring. My doc said I looked a wee bit abnormal & gave me some meds to clear it up. Because it didn't bother me & the side effects from the medication were worse than the infection I only took one dose out of 7 a long time agao (like 2-3 weeks ago)
Started Nuvaring March 30th
Had condomless PIV sex April 6th (a week later.) He ejaculated inside me.
Today & last night I was really itchy and there thick discharge on my ring. It feels like I have a yeastie. So now I have some questions:
Have any of you had got an infection when starting nuvaring? What kind of infection was it? When you treated it and continued with Nuvaring did it return??
I finally will take the medication but I want to get some YI medicine from the store as well. The nuvaring site said the medicine won't interfere with the ring but I wanted to know from you all. If you had a yeastie with nuvaring did you keep the ring in while you went on with treatment? Did your yeastie go away or did you have to see a doc?
On Nuvaring does it seem like you are more prone to infections when your partner ejaculates inside of you?
If you ever used the ring or still do can you tell me about your experiences in general?
I know everyone is different I just want to see how other people have faired with Nuvaring.
Thanks for the responses!
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