Elizabeth McCoy (archangelbeth) wrote in vaginapagina,
Elizabeth McCoy

Bali bras for "tubular" breasts?

So, I went bra-shopping t'other day, and bought about one of everything that didn't have underwires. I'm slowly going through them, and making notes on the tags like, "this one's perfect!" or "I think I'm a C-cup in this brand, not a B; also, straps too short."

And then I put on this bra, and discovered that it has shaped cups which... aren't shaped like my breasts. However, they might be shaped like someone else's! In particular, people who have more elongated breasts than mine might find this brand worth looking at, to see if it would be a comfortable and pleasing fit.

The brand is Bali, the type is Double Support (wirefree), it says Comfort-U Back on it (and the straps do seem to be staying in place, yes), and the style is #3820. They were $22 at J.C. Penny's. Balicompany.com has http://baliintimates.com/bras/styles/?style=3820&color=FH -- but the 36-B size doesn't look like that on me. It is less stretchy on the top part of my bosom.

(I'll keep the bra; it's comfy. It's just... not really shaped like my breasts are shaped and it makes my profile unexpected to me.)

And remember, "totally tubular" means awesome! O:>
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