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pasty discharge?

Hello VPers! I've got a discharge question!

My last period started almost 3 weeks ago, and I bled for a whole week (ugh, it sucked). A few days ago I felt a "drip" and went to the bathroom and noticed quiet a bit of discharge in my underwear - it looked normal, like whitish-clearish, and smelled normal, but it was just a lot. Now today, I just got back from some pretty intense exercise and there is thick, white, pasty discharge in my underwear. Again, it smells normal, and it's not unusual for me to have discharge after a hard workout, but it's so thick - almost like hand lotion or something. FWIW, I have a hormone-free IUD and track my cycles on - the site says that I should be ovulating right now, but who knows how accurate that is!

I haven't had any itching or foul odors, but I have had a funny feeling in my lower tummy that comes and goes (could be gas or psychosomatic...). I last had an STD check in January and have been having unprotected sex with the same partner since then (we started in December, got tested in January, and have continued). He said he's only had protected sex since his last test, and I believe him because he was diligent about condoms at first. Haven't had painful sex other than some cervix-hitting at certain points in my cycle.

Anyway, is this anything? At what point should discharge worry me? Is "abnormal" more about color and smell than texture?

Thanks everybody!
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