-sit around and laugh until we choke- (succulentpoet) wrote in vaginapagina,
-sit around and laugh until we choke-

On addressing sexual violence in our communities

I'm a part of a poetry slam community in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We're currently in the process of calling out a culture of sexual violence in our community which has led to a lot of silence around sexual assaults that have happened, as well as a lot of boundary-crossing in other ways.

We have been documenting our progress via a blog (youandiaredoingtodie.blogspot.ca) and I thought that it might be of interest to folks in this community. We're taking a bit of an unusual approach, in that we are focusing on safety and healing as our primary values, and not shaming perpetrators. The goal is for people to heal and to become safe to be in our communities again. Our approach is based loosely on First Nations community restorative justice principles.

There are a few first-hand accounts, but most of the blog is about the process as we are going through it. We've had lots of people contact us and say that they have found this resource useful, so I certainly hope that's the case for some folks here as well. We've begun a massive excavation as a community, and we're neck deep in it, so I certainly hope that our experience can be helpful to other folks.

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