muzik_love (muzik_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

Back Pain Mystery

This may or may not be vagina related. 

A week before my period started I thought I was having constipation problems.  It wasn't that I couldn't have a movement, but it wasn't as frequent as it had been in the past.  So I guess it wasn't text book constipation, but it was a little bit different from my usual schedule.  I also thought I was constipated because I had a dull pain in my lower back that seemed to be relieved when I had a bm.  I drank more water, took some fiber, and for the next couple of days it was the same.  But then the pain got worse one day.  It turned for a dull pain to more like a muscle pain and only hurt when I would move in a certain way.  Then  next day it was so bad that at one point I couldn't sit up and could barely move all day without groaning in pain.  It was mainly in my back on the left side.  I thought it was my muscles because if I would put my head down, it would pull the muscles in my back and hurt badly.  I went on an advil, tylenol, icy hot regimen, and the next day felt a lot of relief.  It seems like the pain lessens/is alleviated the more active I am.  In the morning and at night it's worse.  Almost like my muscles are stiff.  Its no longer on my left side.  Its more like i feel a pulling/pain in my lower-mid back and a little bit in my lower abdomen.  At one point yesterday, I thought it was completely gone.   Since the pain has started I've gone from thinking it was kidney infection, constipation, endometrial cancer, muscle strain, ovarian cysts, to sciatica....all thanks to "Google paranoia". 

I think it's also worth mentioning that for the last 6 months my period has changed.  My "light days" are  much lighter with the addition of a clear watery discharge.  So overall my period seems shorter.

The constipation (because its more regular now) and the menstrual info might just be a coincidence and completely unrelated to this back pain and I might just be paranoid over a strained muscle. I should also mention that I'm a big girl.
I know you're all going to tell me to go to the doctor (and I agree) but I also need advice on that as well.  I have no insurance and don't have a lot of money at all.  I'd prefer to go to a gyno, that way I can figure out whats wrong but also get some other non related medications taken care of (since i dont have a gp).

im sorry, i feel like i'm all over the place in this post.  lol
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