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Mirena, spotting, pain, what's going on?

Hey everyone. I have a Mirena IUD and we have just celebrated 10 months together.
Here's a rundown of how it all went down:
Day 1 - insertion was a bit ouchy but I was fine to drive home and have dinner with the Boy's family. Fast forward to bed time and the cramps were so bad I passed out.
Day 2 - cramping was less than my usual PMS cramps. This and bleeding continued for one week.
Months 1-3 - 3-4 weeks off, 1 week heavy spotting. Minimal pain.
Months 4-6 spotting was minimal, pain almost nonexistent. December I spotted for 1 day only.
This year I've not spotted at all and maybe every 4 or so weeks my right ovary has kind of gone "hey there, just reminding you I exist, but I'll go back into hibernation again now". Literally one little twinge lasting a few seconds.

Until yesterday. Right ovary again has been reminding me with short but sharp stabbing pains more and more frequently (about every 10-15 mins) and have very faint pink colored goo when I wipe, I would barely even call it spotting.

I'm not panicking but it does seem rather odd since that area has basically been in hibernation this year. I'm sexually active, fluid bonded (I love that term!) with my partner. Have been having dizzy spells lately, nausea and no appetite. I also introduced soy into my diet about the same time my periods stopped and usually have 3-5 serves per week but haven't had any this week as I am on holiday with friends and can do without the stinky gas!

Just wondering if anyone has any insights, whether once their periods stopped on Mirena if they ever showed up again from time to time, or noticed any difference with soy in their diet (most anecdotal stuff I've read has been that soy reduces cramps but increases spotting but I haven't noticed anything until I cut it out) or possibly ectopic pregnancy (which I doubt, but won't completely rule out).

Will pee on the preggie stick when I get home, but think the Boy will panic if I go buy one now (need him or his friends for transport) and he is super prone to worrying normally.


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