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I don't think I've ever posted here, if I did it was a very long time ago. 

Over the past few weeks my labia has been very dry and slightly itchy. The itch isn't so bad that I think about it constantly, just when I use toilet paper and have contact. I'm in a long term committed relationship, and up until recently we had sex almost daily (for many years). I found out I'm pregnant (about 6-8 weeks, not sure yet as I have yet to see a doctor) and my sex drive has gone away a little bit, which is the reason we're having less sex right now, about twice a week. 

Could less sex or pregnancy (or both) be the reason I'm so dry and itchy? Could it be something in the brand of toilet paper? I've never had a vaginal infection of any kind and I really have no idea what's causing the discomfort. My partner and I never use protection, and so needless to say there was a lot more moisture in the area before we cut back on sex. My vagina isn't itchy or dry, just the inside of my labia surrounding my vagina and away from it to the start of the outer labia (outer labia is not itch/dry). This wasn't a problem in my last pregnancy either. Could it be that my vagina is so used to being moist from sex that it doesn't produce moisture otherwise?

What can I do to help the itch and dryness? I'm vegan, so I'd prefer natural things to creams. 
If it persists, I have an appointment with my doctor about my pregnancy on the 17th, but it would be great if I could do something about it before then. 
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