Katie (wishesorhopes) wrote in vaginapagina,

question related to heavy period bleeding / Menorrhagia

hi everyone.

i bleed an abnormally large amount during my periods. i don't really get cramps or pains, i just bleed a TON, and it's always been this way. i use a large lunette menstrual cup to help, which can hold up to 30mL, but when my period is at its heaviest, i have to change it every hour or two hours (and if i don't get up to do this at night i'll bleed everywhere). i easily lose more than 250mL of blood on my heaviest day and my period lasts 6 days.

obviously, this can interfere with my life and make it kinda miserable, but i haven't seen a doctor about it. i take ibuprofin (which doesn't do much) and deal with it. however i want to go abroad and don't want to worry about this.

does anyone else have this condition and what do they do about it?
are you on birth control or are there other methods? (i've never been on birth control because i'm a lesbian).
should i see a doctor or suck it up?
i don't like being on medications when i don't have to be / prefer natural cures (i could do without bad side effects). so if anyone has any suggestions for home remedies i'd love to hear them.

i am 24, eat mostly healthy, otherwise in good shape, if that matters.
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