Your black and white needs a little bit of red. (lightningxsnow) wrote in vaginapagina,
Your black and white needs a little bit of red.

Inflamed/eroded cervix?

I had my first pap smear yesterday. I'm 20 years old but my doctor decided to do it a bit before I turned 21 because I've been having issues with painful penetration (mostly, with penises/objects beyond about 2 fingers in width - I can get fingers in there). My doctor was really amazing, she was gentle and let me know what was happening every step of the way. I had a bit of external pain when she used the Q-tip, the rest of the exam was uncomfortable but not unbearable, and she was able to finish it. She said she didn't see any issues with my hymen (I believe I used to have a septate hymen that broke about a year and a half ago), but that my cervix looked eroded and was red and inflamed.

I get the results back in about 2-3 weeks. I have a history of endometriosis that was treated surgically about a year ago, and I'm on continuous birth control. I had STI testing done recently (blood/urine) and everything came back negative. I know I'll likely find out in a few weeks, but what the heck could the inflammation be? I looked up cervical erosion and it's apparently not uncommon and usually totally innocuous, but it's the inflammation part I'm more worried about.
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