dill grey (lastmockingbird) wrote in vaginapagina,
dill grey

Newbie + help?

Hi Newbie here! I just found this page and i love it! I hope I can also get some advice/ideas here since I am undergoing some weird changes in my period.

I usually have moderate bleeding for the first 3 days (like I have to change pads every three hours). However last month, I had a very light bleeding. like I can survive with just one pad and that won't be full even.

And this month too! It started around a week earlier than usual and it's very light as well. Sometimes there's none but just brown discharges then there would be blood.

I don't know if this is stress related because I just graduated which means technically, no stress from school but then I am also stressed over getting a job and going to graduate school.

Please enlighten me. I am very worried.

I am also 20 and definitely not pregnant nor sexually active.
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