naked_beauty_21 (naked_beauty_21) wrote in vaginapagina,

New to birth control

Hello everyone!

Today I visited my local family planning office to get birth control pills since I am getting married in July. They gave me Desogen, and I read some reviews for it online and honestly it has kinda crappy reviews. The main thing that concerns me is a lot of the reviewers have said it lowered or took away their sex drive completely. Right now I have a normal to high sex drive. I was on BC in high school for cramps but it didn't affect my sex drive at all. I can't remember what that kind was called but it was the kind with progestin and estrogen, like desogen, I just don't know the ammounts. Does anyone have any personal experience with desogen? Should I call and see if they have a different kind that doesn't lower sex drive?
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