like_a_fishhook (like_a_fishhook) wrote in vaginapagina,


I've checked the tags about hair removal/waxing but I haven't quite found the answer I'm looking for.

I've read a lot of entries/comments about brazilian waxes but I'm wondering more about what to expect if I go for a full leg/bikini wax. I've never had more than my eyebrows waxed but I'm leaving for vacation at the end of the month (to a beach) and I'd really rather not have to shave twice a day. lol.

I know a brazilian gets rid of ALL the hair - and I really don't need to go quite that extreme.

What does just a regular bikini wax take care of? What hair do they leave?

Also - does anyone have experience with the Sally Hansen pre-waxed strips? Do they work or are they more like torture devices? I'm curious because this may have to be my solution bc I'm not sure I can afford going to a salon yet.

Any input would be really appreciated!! Thanks everyone! :)
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