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Know anything about HBC? Recommendations?

I posted details about this in an earlier question, but in case you don't remember -- I was on Microgynon throughout my teens to help me with my horrendous and debilitating periods. It worked fine for years. Around the middle of last year after I turned 21, it stopped working. By that I mean that around the middle of each pack I would get all of the horrible periody symptoms that you get before you bleed, like incredibly sore breasts, crampy feelings in my stomach, and severe lower back pain. The painful boobs lasted pretty much throughout the whole month. I went to my doctor who told me that it is common for HBC to stop working like this as your body naturally changes hormonally as you enter your twenties, which affects the way they operate. She switched me to Loestrin. That was in November I think. For the first couple of months it was fine. The symptoms were gone and it was working as it should. But last month and now this month I have been feeling crampy again. I'm about halfway through a pack and for the past two or three days I have had lower back pain and that horrible vague crampy feeling. Also I have gained weight since starting Loestrin -- probably (as I mentioned in another post) because it has increased my appetite and I have therefore turned into some sort of human vacuum. I don't know, I have always had a really fast metabolism and have never before gained weight like this, so it's confusing for me. Maybe since hitting my twenties it's just slowed, and combined with the increase in appetite it has made me fatter? I think I remember reading that HBC can't actually in itself make you gain weight...is that true?

I don't know anything about HBC. I know there are different types and that each one works with your body in a different way, but I don't know what these types are. I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion about which one might work for me? I looked it up and it seems there are a TON available, I don't know where to start. If both of these pills are failing for me, does that maybe say something about the kind of pills I should be avoiding? Do you have any recommendations?

Really they are still working in that they keep my periods from being debilitating, but this mid-month-symptom-fest is bothering me. Is it possible that maybe this is something that my body is just going to do from now on regardless of what I'm taking?
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