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Goat Friends

Back Up Your Birth Control: Combating Misinfo

Today marks the 11th annual Back Up Your Birth Control (a U.S. national campaign to increase awareness of and access to emergency contraception) Day of Action. This year's theme, EC=BC, is dedicated to combating misinformation about emergency contraception.

As you probably already know, we have a Thing against misinformation here in VP as well as a similar mission to combat it.

So today we'd like to know: What misinformation have you heard/read regarding emergency contraception and how have you responded to it? Responding can mean speaking up in that instance, of course, but it can also mean things like doing research to clarify facts for next time.

Please keep in mind that VP's policies on safe space and abortion debate still apply here. We are quite interested in respectful discussion and providing correct facts, not so much in disparaging comments and name calling.

For the VP Team
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