browneyedmami (lapis_paladin) wrote in vaginapagina,

2 Questions

Hi VPers! I've been in the community for a long time, but never as a poster, so bear with me as I have a couple questions to ask.

I am using Nuva Ring as my form of HBC. Today, I had unprotected sex twice within 5 hours of each other. My partner is rather large, so the ring ended up coming out of me. To be safe, I decided to go take a EMC. I got the generic brand Next Choice where you take two pills. I've already taken the first. After looking @ my calendar, I noticed that tomorrow I'm supposed to take out my Nuva Ring. I've already started to spot, which I see is a regular side effect of Next Choice. I guess my question is, will the conjunction of the two medicines cause any issues? As in, will the EMC be less effective since it was taken right before my ring-less week?

My other question is, for those using Nuva Ring have you ever had an issue with it slipping out during intercourse? I've never had an issue with previous partners, but my new partner is larger than those in my past, so I wonder if this is the issue? I push it up as far as it goes, but it ends up slipping out. Any suggestions? I'd swtich my HBC, but I've been using Nuva Ring for years because I'm terrible at remembering to take a pill.

Please and thank you to everyone in advance for your help!
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