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Condom safety

Can the condom come off without either of you noticing?

Saturday night my boyfriend and I had sex, and right when he was at the point of ejaculation, I accidentally moved so that his penis slipped out. I quickly reinserted, and when he pulled out again after that I did see that the condom was still on, and that it had caught his bodily fluids. However I am worried that during the quick insertion move it is possible that the condom rolled up or something and that it might have caused me to come into contact with his ejaculate.

I asked whether it was okay, and he assured me it was. We have been dating 8 months, and he knows how paranoid I can be about condom safety because I am not on any hormonal birth control. So I feel sure that he wouldn't tell me it was okay when he thought it wasn't, but that doesn't mean that maybe he didn't notice a problem.

My question is is it possible for condoms to roll up during sex yet still appear correctly worn after?

Is it possible for the ejaculate to leak down the sides? Or does the suction sort of prevent that from happening?

I use a phone app to track my periods and ovulation and according to that, I was in the first day of high fertility with ovulation occurring five days later. Pregnancy can't occur until ovulation, right?

I have a great fear of pregnancy because it's hard for me to rely on condoms alone after being on HBC for about six years. However, I am in my mid twenties now and I worry that prolonged use of the pill will mess with my fertility... even though I know there is not any established link between infertility and birth control use. But I probably won't have children until I'm around 30, and I just don't want to compound my decreasing fertility at that age (yes I know it's not entirely reasonable)... It has already changed the heaviness of my cycle and has not reverted back, even though I've been off the pill since the tail end 2011. Also, due to horrible timing with some debit card issues and having to go out of town I do not have access to my bank account and cannot afford a Plan B so I feel stuck, and all I can do is hope the condom was fine and it didn't somehow squeeze itself out or something.

What do you guys think?
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