temporary_title (temporary_title) wrote in vaginapagina,

Intense headache/vomiting after S.O. ejaculate inside of me.

Hi, I am worried. I am seeing this guy who I used to see before.

He was the only person I have ever had finish inside of me. When we used condoms it was fine but when we stopped the next morning I would wake up with a terrible headache and eventually vomit multiple times. (I seem to vomit after walking/driving/moving...its almost a dizzy feeling followed by vomit along with the headache.) This headache usually lasts MOST of the next day and I can't do anything.

The rest of my body feels completely normal. There is no change with my vagina what-so-ever. 

I am seeing him again and the exact same thing happened again.

I looked into semen allergies and it seems to say that the vagina is red or swollen. but i have NO changes at all. I don't even have cramping or anything in my stomach.

And oddly enough if I swallow his cum I do not get sick the next day.

I am on birth control and have been on the same kind for years.
Any idea what this is? Ever heard of anything like this before?
I just want to fix it and not have to worry about it anymore.

Thanks everyone for any help/info you may have!
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