Evilnel (evilnel) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yeast infections and tampons?

I looked through the YI tag and didn't see this, so apologies if it's been posted before. The last six months or so, I get a yeast infection following my period. I never had this problem until I switched to tampons. I didn't use tampons for a long time because I found them uncomfortable, but finally found a brand I like (OB because they aren't as long) and it feels so much cleaner to me than a pad. However, I'm worried that maybe it's this brand that's doing it, or some other issue. I change them frequently (never leave them in longer than 8 hours, always use the lowest absorbancy, and usually switch to pads the last day or two of my period). I treat the infection with Miconozole and it always goes away in 3 days, but it is pretty irritating! Any ideas why this is happening or suggestions for ways to make it stop? Thanks!
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