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Gang of Centaurs

New Layout in VP!

Hello, Superstars!

Thanks to the amazing folks in the San Francisco LJ office, VP now has a shiny new layout. We hope you'll enjoy the new features and that it will be more accessible, too.

As with all new things, there will be some bumps along the way. If you spot anything wonky--or if you want to express your amazement at the awesomeness that is the new layout--please drop us a line in this CVP post.

One of the cool new things is the "Featured Posts" section in the upper right there. We wanted to assure you that our plan is to highlight things like the MMMMonday guest posts or Sunday's weekly links round-up posts; you never need to worry that your yeast infection post will show up there. We control that section ourselves and promise to keep it legit like that. That said, if you ever make a post that you actually want to see highlighted there, please do let us know! We're happy to give it a bump. :)

Happy VPing! As you were. :)

For the VP Team
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