xasgoodasitgets (xasgoodasitgets) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control, antibiotics and retroactive protection...

Alright, so I'm SUPER paranoid about getting pregnant. I take my pill the EXACT same time every day, and have for 8 years now. I don't take any chances.

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. The oral surgeon prescribed me some Amoxicillin to take to prevent infection. Now, I know that antibiotics can possibly decrease the effectiveness of the pill. I also know that some people say it's not ALL antibiotics, and it's not definitely the case, but like I said...I'm super paranoid and take no chances.

I'm definitely going to use a backup for the course of my antibiotics and for a month afterward (paranoid!) BUT my boyfriend and I had sex without a condom last night and he came inside of me. I didn't even consider it, because I haven't started the antibiotics yet.

I've heard that sperm can live inside of you of up to a week. So...if I start antibiotics tomorrow, am I still protected from the sperm that are already inside of me? And if so...how? I mean, don't you need s steady stream of the hormones to protect you? If that 'stream' is interrupted and sperm are inside of me...isn't there a larger chance that I can get pregnant? I'm feeling really uneasy about it, and am considering not taking the antibiotic. I mean, everyone says to use a backup for the course of the antibiotics, but no one says anything about not having sex for a week BEFORE you start the antibiotics.

I need some opinions, please! I'm freaking myself out here. Thanks!
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