thinktink16 (thinktink16) wrote in vaginapagina,

Armour Thyroid and HBC pills

A question for the thyroid savvy people out there:

I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on 15 mg of Armour Thyroid every day. I'm getting tested again in a week to see if these are good levels for me but, if they're not, I may be going up in dosage. This is relevant because:

I was doing some research on side effects and, aside from the major ones, several places indicated that I should be aware if I am taking estrogen because that might affect how the Armour Thyroid works. I called my pharmacist (easier to get on the phone than a doctor) and told them that I am on HBC...should I ALSO be concerned about THAT being less effective? She said the only interaction she's heard of is that sometimes thyroid meds speed up your metabolism and it, therefore, may process your HBC faster than normal. Which means to me that there might be a window of the day where I am not protected.

I'm going to ask my doctor about this when I get retested but I was just curious...does anyone have any more information about this? Is there a test to see how fast I am metabolizing? I am okay with upping and upping my Armour Thyroid dosage to counteract the estrogen but I am very concerned about the possibility that my HBC might not work as well. I am using condoms with my boyfriend now, but there is going to be a time in our future where we will want to stop and I need to be SURE SURE that I am being protected.
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