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IUD Strings UK

Hi there,

I'm posting to ask any people with IUDs, who are also accessing their healthcare on the NHS in the UK, if you've ever gone about getting the strings shortened/dealt with? I'm not sure if I go to the clinic where I got it or if I can see someone else or...whatever.

There are certain times in my cycle when my poor boyfriend gets prodded and stabbed except for a few very specific positions. It's definitely wires, not an expelling device I have performed extensive prodding/checks and it's definitely just wires.

He said he would just deal with it, and I took that to mean it wasn't a big deal, but today I happened to look at the head of his penis shortly after sex and there were marks. Had I known he was marked by it, I would have done something almost at once. I am not ok with having something akin to vagina dentata. However cool it may seem as a concept, I care deeply about my boyfriend and his penis, and the compromise for condomless sex should not be a sore willy : (

I feel very guilty and would like to remedy this asap.

Thanks in advance wonderful people.
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