rosewein (rosewein) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginismus or well not....but perhaps something simmilar?

So my whole sexual life there has been something wrong. However it is only now at 33, that I'm working on myself and my sexuality, the last year so so.

I've learned a lot, and its been really interesting. I've always had trouble achieving orgasm, it is only now I'm learning why. Firstly I suffer with low blood pressure, which i only recently learned can make orgasm elusive and unsatisfying.

The question relates to something else. when I am near orgasm my vagina clenches, this can push a penis out, also it can happen during oral and seems to cause my enjoyment to cease almost like my clit has moved to an unstimulatable position.

The question is, anyone have thoughts on why this happens? and if there is something i can do to fix it? or is this one of them things i have to learn to work around.
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