thebunnygeek (thebunnygeek) wrote in vaginapagina,

Why hasn't the itchiness gone away?

Hey everyone!
It's me! ...Again.
So, I've been dealing with some pretty annoying vulvar and vaginal itching for nearly 2 months now. All STIs, a YI were rules out but I've been given Flagyl (metro...something something) orally for 7 days to cure this.
It hasn't really helped. I've been using boric acid caps for 20-ish days and they stopped working as the problem turned to just vulvar itching.
The only clue I have to any reasons why I have the itchies is a smells like super smelly stuff. It gathers at the end of the day, and just makes me itchy as heck! It's wherever I have hair (I stopped removing it as I had this problem).
Sorry if I bother, everyone. My doctor isn't too helpful and is just like... "Deal with it."
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