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Gentian Violet and Swelling

I went out yesterday and purchased some gentian violet to treat a yeast retrospect, I probably should have just stuck with Monistat or something, but too late for that now!

Anyway, a day later, the yeast infection seems to be gone, but one side of my labia minora is swollen and really stings when I touch it (or pee). That's the ONLY part of my genitals that is in pain or swollen. Vagina and urethra are fine, even the other side of the labia is totally normal (if not a lovely shade of purple) -- so I've kind of ruled out allergy or other sort of sensitivity since you'd figure if one part is angry and inflamed, the rest of it would be too. 

I'm kind of operating on the mindset that this is just going to pass as the gentian violet wears off (or whatever the stuff does...) but in the meantime, is there anything that I can do to relieve the stinging pain or get the gentian violet to wear off faster?? It really only bothers me when I use the bathroom but it's still really obnoxious and I'd kind of like it to go away sooner than later.
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