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Wanting to be tested for PCOS

Hi lovelies

long term lurker but first time poster here. A little background I'm a cis-female, started periods at 11. I strongly suspect I may have Polycystic ovary syndrome and want some advice on how to approach the doctor as I have been dismissed before.

cut for history and symptoms

After starting to miss 1-2 days of school a month and losing a lot of blood my mum took me to the doctor and I was put on a combined contraceptive pill. In the past I have vomited from the pain and taken codeine that has not always taken the pain away.  Initially this helped but I developed some nasty side effects of joint pains, sickness, nausea, light sensitivity and rash under the skin. It took a long time to get further than being stressed as a diagnosis but eventually after numerous tests it was decided to be a reaction to the pill and i was switched to yasmin.

Things were much better on yasmin health wise but periods got worse and I eventually had blood pressure issues and ended up on the depo injection, this was great as no periods=no pain. This was fine for 2 years but then after medical advice I had the Mirena IUD fitted. Periods have returned and while I can manage them much better they are painful, although not heavy.

I also have to wax my upper lip, have dark hairs around my nipples (not like my downy hair). I have also struggled to lose weight although my bmi is about 26.5 so I'm only slightly overweight. I only put weight on from around 17 and was very slim before. I have in the past 9 month done lots more exercise  (gym, swim or fitness class 3 times a week) and now do not eat white carbs as I get stomach cramps since having the IUD. My skin is a little greasy since coming off depo but I have not had serious issues with acne in the past.

My mother has PCOS and I have followed her path in life so far exactly regarding periods starting, being painful, contraception issues, weight gain. There is also a strong family history of heart disease and high cholesterol and mum had her gall bladder out at 38 and nearly lost an ovary to a cyst as a teenager. My grandmother had to have a hysterectomy at 40, died at 52 of a heart attack.

I am in good health now but as I believe I do have PCOS or something similar going on I would like to be diagnosed and deal with it to manage the associated health risks. I would also very much like to have biological children one day and realize fertility issues may be a part despite my mum falling pregnant very easily. I have in the past been told PCOS is not genetic and there is no need to test me, though many other people seem to have a family history.

I'm about to embark on a 4 year PhD and so would really like to get this sorted now and try and be healthy throughout the next few years. Any tips on talking to the doctor? Or does it even sound like I have PCOS? I'm in the UK by the way so medical care is free but it's not gonna be easy to get expensive tests and I think I will need a hospital referral for an ultrasound.

thanks xxx
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