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MMMMonday double feature! Street Harassment

Hello, Superstars!

It's MMMMonday, and this is the second of two special posts we have for you today. (See the previous post to the community for the first, a special guest post by Morgan of A Trip To The Morg, or follow this link!)

This week we're thinking about street harassment. Have you experienced it? Do you have ideas about how to challenge it?

As Ms. Magazine notes, "Sharing stories to raise awareness is what the upcoming International Anti-Street Harassment Week is all about. Street harassment can only begin to be curbed after more people are aware, first, that it happens; second, that it happens a lot; third, that it happens to most women and girls and many men in the [LGBT+] community; and fourth, that when it happens, it has a negative impact on the harassed people’s lives." We think it also has a negative impact on our communities.

In that spirit, from March 18-24, over 100 groups in various countries will work to call attention to this global problem. Some things folks might be doing are: hashtags, radio campaigns, street theater, protests, arranging sharing circles, speaking out in public, and more. Participants can choose whatever approach they think will be most effective for them and their communities.

Please feel free to share your stories about street harassment. Has it happened to you or anyone you know? Do you know people who do it? Do you have general thoughts about it? Are you participating in any local events to challenge it? Or do you have ideas on how to combat it in the future? We'd love to hear your thoughts and get a conversation going--words are powerful and so are you!

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