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I'm rather embarrassed by posting about this but it freaked me out so bad I'd like to know if anyone has any idea what happened. And how to avoid it.

I identify as a female with a vagina and my partner identifies as a male with a penis. Just so we're clear... and hopefully I've not offended anyone. (He kept his penis in his pants.) Oh! And I refer to him as "Dearest".

I bought a dildo a four months ago to wear down my hymen. I probably should say stretching but it's shrinking in size not becoming more flexible. That way when I'm removing my menstrual cup it won't 'catch' on my hymen... stupid hymen. Last period I didn't have it catching my cup so maybe yay success!

So Dearest and I were messing around, when I asked him if he wanted to penetrate me (vaginally) with my new toy. I've done this before pleasuring my own self with no problems. He's used his fingers to pleasure me mostly on my clit and some vaginal penetration. I'll climax with lots of screaming, a very hot tingling feeling, and literally seeing "fireworks" with white, yellow, and red splashes of light.

Everything is fine, penetrate is going fine, he's using a angle were it won't hit my cervix (I've hit my cervix before with my toy Owch!), and I'm feeling the warm fuzzies. But instead of climaxing all my muscles clench. At first I think, that's strange I must be about to climax but I don't! My muscles keep clenching over and over I wasn't in any pain, but I got scared. I ask him to stop (he did), he started rubbing my clit which was so sensitive it hurt to touch so I had him stop. My muscles are still clenching over and over, I start crying because I'm so scared. My poor Dearest thinks he hurt me and is apologizing over and over. He carries my convulsing self to the bathroom so I can pee. (This is a norm usually after I climax I turn to jelly and get so relax I have to pee cause I don't feel like I could 'hold' it.) I pee and I'm still experiencing muscle clenching.

A back rub, snuggling, and 30 minutes later it tapers off and stops. Then I fall asleep worrying that I'm going to experience this again. I've never had PIV and I really don't want to experience convulsions when/if I do have PIV sex.

So my question! Any ideas of what these convulsions during penetration with a dildo by a partner are? Do you think it'll happen again?
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