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ultrasound suggested years after mole removed from breast

Hello, all. 

This is indeed my first post to the group, though I've been reading for years and years and years.   

I went in for my yearly exam and pap today, and I mentioned that I have had some tenderness in my left breast close to the area where I had a pre-cancerous mole removed at the age of 19.  My gyn asked me if the dermatologist ever followed up with me after it was removed, and I said no.  She seemed pretty shocked.  I guess I was under the impression that since I had the mole removed (twice, actually -- once for biopsy and once to make sure they got ALL the tissue around it out), I was finished and there was nothing to worry about.  I still feel pretty confident that I'm fine, but my doctor suggested that I get an ultrasound.   She also just said that I have particularly lumpy breasts, and because of that, it's probably worth getting it checked out since it would be difficult for me to monitor the area at home.  

I'm only 23, and I'm not extremely concerned about breast cancer. However, I know there have been quite a few studies that have linked melanoma and breast cancer, concluding that if you've been diagnosed with one, you're at a higher risk for the other.  Let me be clear:  I was not diagnosed with melanoma, but had a mole removed from my breast that had the potential to develop into melanoma.  Since I was so young when this happened, I guess that makes me wonder if I am genetically predisposed toward either/both cancers.     

Has anyone spoken to a doctor about something like this in the past? Anyone had a mole on a breast removed that caused a gynecologist to request an ultrasound or biopsy? I'm curious to hear your stories.  

Thanks in advance.  

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