Bella Papaya (sashafarce) wrote in vaginapagina,
Bella Papaya

Help with endometrial biopsy results?

Hello lovelies! I had posted here over the last 10 months or so needing answers and everyone was super helpful then, so I'm hoping that I'll have the same good fortune this time. To recap: I have PCOS, diagnosed about 10 years ago, have tried 6 or 7 different versions of the pill along with the ring, patch, and various rounds of Provera to induce a bleed but with minimal-to-no results. I had a D&C in 2004 for endometrial lining buildup, then another in January 2008. Since then I have had less than a half-dozen periods.

Last summer I began bleeding heavily with large clots (ranging from half-dollar to the size of my open hand) during sexual contact, which eventually became an experience I had several times a week with or without sexual contact. Ultrasound showed I had an endometrial lining of about 22mm, suspected endometrial hyperplasia. Last month I finally got an endometrial biopsy and the results came in this Thursday.

My endometrial biopsy results read like this: "Fragments of polypoid endometrial tissue with complex glands and extensive squamous morules consistent with atypical polypoid adenomyoma. No evidence of malignancy." Now I obviously know that last part is good, but the rest of it is a bit of a headscratcher. The reason why I brought it to the good people of this community is because it was a headscratcher for the gynecologist as well! His response to me when I asked him to break it down was: "I'm not sure that I can. It looks like you have some kind of mass, but I've never seen biopsy results like this before. I do know that this is worrisome, though." He couldn't even tell me for certain if I had hyperplasia or if potential hyperplasia was simple, complex, or atypical (but I suspect complex since I don't see any evidence of atypia in regards to my endometrial tissue here).

He's referred me to a specialty clinic in a teaching hospital but I'm waiting in line for an appointment/to see if I am approved for financial assistance at this point so I can have a D&C and an exploratory look at my uterus. In the meantime, though, I was wondering if any VPers had experience with this or could help me break down what this may mean. Our best interpretation at this point is that I have complex hyperplasia and a rare-but-benign tumor (the adenomyoma mentioned in the biopsy). I promise I'm not asking for medical advice, just help in making sense of what's going on with my body in the weeks (months?) wait to get treatment.

Thanks so much in advance!
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